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Best price I could find.
Excellent, prompt service. Caleb is terrific.
I have had an association with Caleb since 2009. He has been very successful at trapping nuisance racoons. He works quietly and efficiently. I highly recommend he and his service.
I recommend Critter Control. They came and got nine skunks from window wells. They were quick, fast, and efficient. Thank you!!!
caleb with critter control dud a great job. thankyou
Great service. Caleb is very knowledgeable, efficient, professional and easy to work with..
Great service! Helped get rid of the pesky birds who were nesting in our vents. Caleb was friendly and professional.
Caleb responded quickly and efficiently to all of my calls. He even came out to retrieve 5 caught squirrels ( adult and 4 babies - the babies had been in my attic) on a Sunday. Another company had only put traps on the ground - this caught just one squirrel that was, perhaps released too close to my property and returned within 2 days. Caleb from Critter Control put the traps where they needed to be - on the roof and had no trouble zipping up the ladder ( the house is an old Victorian and the roof is way up there) to retrieve the poor critters.
Had a wood rat in the garage. Caleb came out the same day and set traps. It was caught that night. He came the next day to retrieve it. Thank you!
Caleb was so amazing! He called me back within minutes and was at my house in about an hour, he was incredibly humane. All around great guy!
Extremely professional and kind. Hope to never need this service again, but if we do, we will definitely call Critter Control.
Quick response, I called after hours and Caleb was here by 12:00 the next day. I was pleased to find someone that would deal with a skunk! Also, I learned a lot from their website about Chimney Swifts. All kinds of 'critters' are listed here, excellent information!
I had two little skunks in my window well when I called Caleb. He was very pleasant to talk to and assured me he would get to my house that day to remove them. As promised he showed up a few hours later and quickly removed the skunks. His team did a great job and I'm very happy with my experience.
Caleb and team have been great over the years. First solving a very big problem with raccoons getting in the attic and second with a large rat population in the yard. It has almost been ten years since we had the raccoon problem and Caleb and team fixed the problem and were able to see potential sites that they might enter and fixed those. Not a raccoon in all those years. Most recently we noticed rats in the yard sneaking about as we worked out there. We had heard from neighbors that the population was on the rise. I called Caleb and there were out very quickly and we talked about different methods of control. We decided on bait traps that are locked and only Caleb and team have the key. This provides safety for children and others not being able to access the boxes. It also prevents other wildlife like birds not getting the bait. They have been great to come out and refill the stations. In the beginning they came about every six weeks and now it has been five months since they were last here and we did not need in any of our stations refilled even though it is spring and time for active rodents. We are now set up on a reoccurring check up. I am so happy this problem has been solved. These same bait stations also take care of any mice that might decide to feed there. So nice knowing that these potential problems are well under control. If you haven't already guessed I think think Caleb and team are the best! They really know the critters and their natural habits and just know the correct way to get them under control. You will not be sorry if you choose them for all your critter problems!
They are very honest and great to work with!
Highly recommend Critter Control! They came up the day after I called! They came up the canyon, used a variety of detection methods, let me know my options and did it all in a friendly and professional way. Problems were solved. I would definitely use their services again, if necessary!
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Caleb was great to work with, my skunk problem is resolved!
Thank you Caleb! Great job converting the front flower-beds a couple of weeks ago to prevent cats from converging on them to go potty all the time. I rate an Excellent for Critter Control!
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Harold C.
Excellent job, professional and courteous.
Nancy B.
Very happy with Critter Control. My initial call was returned within an hour and traps were in place in my front yard shortly thereafter. The pocket gopher was removed the following day. Would highly recommend this company. NB in Sandy, UT
Steve L.
Excellent service. Was actually able to solve our outdoor rodent problem in less than2 weeks.
Sharon H.
The trap was checked every day. When the gopher was caught, the technician cleaned up the dirt. Appreciated the professionalism of the techs.
Pamela W.
Professional, results oriented. Highly recommend!
Stefan M.
Dedication to solving the problem. That's what you want when you have an unwanted visitor and that is what we got! Thanks!
Steve Z.
none better
John T.
Zach was our tecnician. He was good to work with, arrived on time and did a great job. Give him a raise.
Jane P.
Responded to situation quickly and left traps in perfect locations, respected our privacy, and made the job super easy with minimal disturbances. Checked traps daily, great communication, and had success. I feel good the critter was treated humanly and released promptly into the wild.
Jeff C.
These folks did their job well, as far as I can tell. We had a squirrel in the yard, then he was in the house (no doubt...he was noisy!). I called CC and they inspected & set traps. But we never heard from the squirrel again, in the yard or in the house or in the traps. Guess the mere thought of Critter Control scared our rodent back to the hills! Anyway, thanks for the rapid response and thorough process...you guys did just fine.
Ranae M.
Took them awhile to get her when I was told a certain time and had to call twice to find out when they were coming, but when they arrived it was quick and professional and took care of the problem.
Tom H.
we hired Critter Control to take car of a Raccoon problem, Zack came out and was very professional in every way. they took care of our problem, I would recommend there service to anyone who has a critter problem that they need help with. Thanks Tom Haslam
Amanda D.
Every experience I've had with this company has been amazing.
Bud C.
Excellent Job. I have recommended you to my property management company.
Janet M.
I was very pleased with the service I received. Zach was very nice, helpful, and informative.
Critter Control was great. They were flexible with our demanding schedule and they took the time to educate us on how to prevent squirrels from coming back. Thank you!
Mike R.
Always a pleasure to work with the folks at Critter Control. Very professional and effective.
Marian B.
Very fast and friendly service
Dee W.
Thank you Critter Control for taking care of our skunk problem. There is no way we could have done it on our own. You were clean, prompt and explained the program to us. Best of all, your daily emails (work week days) to update us as to the progress of the "hunt" When we called with a question we were always able to talk with a person - usually the owner. We are very satisfied with your work and will recommend you to any one who asks about your services. Thank you again. David Smith Dee Wood
Chris B.
Great work!
Deanna F.
Was very fast at coming to help. Zackary listen and went right to work. Found the site where the birds were getting in. Took pictures so I could show the HOA people where on the house to do the repairs. Dealing with Critter Control was great.
April D.
You have done the best you could. If the critter doesn't come around, you certainly can't catch it. The ones that did show up are not on my property any more because of you. I do hope that you put bricks on the holes before you filled in with dirt. That is what we discussed. Thank you for all the work you put in on my property.
Spencer B.
Appreciate the prompt follow up & service on both visits. Thank you!
Clea J.
Extremely professional, friendly, timely service. Would recommend the service to others.
Colby D.
Highly recommended! We called the moment we knew we had a problem. A super friendly and knowledgeable rep was on the phone in minutes and explained in detail what was going on and everything they could do. A few hours later they were here in a clean, proffessional truck and both men were sharp and very friendly english speakers. Our pest problem was fixed and they gave us all new high quality vent covers not only at the problem spot, but all over the house and on the roof (and they even fixed my rain gutters because...why not?). It was a little costly but you get what you pay for. Don't use any other service but these guys!!!
Barbara H.
Response was quick and everything was done in a very professional manner.
Errol E.
They showed up a few hours after we reported having raccoon problems. They caught the raccoon and installed a stainless steel cap on our chimney. Highly recommend them because of their effectiveness, efficiency, and overall great attitude.
Denice G.
Excellent service - such a relief to have this taken care of. Thank you!
Edison T.
Did a great job in catching a skunk that was living under our shed. They set up traps on the first day and by the next morning they had caught the skunk. They were prompt and professional. I recommend their service.
Ernie P.
Awesome. Response was much faster than expected. Provided great general information for me as a homeowner & removed the nest quickly & efficiently. I appreciate the entire experience......
Caleb S.
Critter Control works! We had a mink in our creek that kept getting into a fight with our dog. The vet bills were getting expensive! Critter Control quickly and humanely removed the mink and solved our problem. Thanks Critter Control!
Marinda H.
Quick and speedy removal of dead rat from underneath my dining room floor. Thanks for a job well done. I would recommend you to anyone with critter problems.
Mel Smith
Caleb was fast and prompt in response to my situation with a raccoon in my attic. Patiently answered all of my questions. End result was very positive. Recommending other neighbors get their chimneys capped before a raccoon try and make a home I?m their chimney. Thanks again Caleb.
Todd Chaston
briant brunisholz
Best price I could find.