Inspections/ Consultations

When Critter Control of Salt Lake City comes to your home, we will inspect your property inside and out, and from top to bottom, using our copyrighted AEW (Animal Entry Worksheet) so we can identify all potential problem areas and offer you safe and cost-effective solutions. Call today for more information on solving your animal-related problems and damage.

From gutter protection, attic fan vent guards, roof vent guards, gable vent closures and soffit vent repairs, our team can do it all with one single call.

WashSafe Cleaning Services

Over the years pressure washing has developed a very destructive reputation; it's not always the operator, often the damage is because of the chlorine. Many homeowners want the exterior of their home to be clean, but they don't always want to use the harsh chemicals. Critter Control of Salt Lake City has the solution for you! The WashSafe products that we use are made with earth-friendly hydrogen peroxide(active ingredient is sodium percarbonate). This cleaning product will not harm people, pets, plants or property. Being an oxygen-based cleaner, this cleaning product only has 3-4 hours of active life before it biodegrades, making this one of the safest products in the home exterior cleaning industry.  WashSafe is effective in removing dirt, moss, black algae, mold, lichen or fungi that may grow on patios. We also offer environmentally friendly yet effective sealers for concrete, bricks, pavers, etc. 

  • Aluminum Siding Cleaning
  • Wood Siding Cleaning
  • Patio & Concrete Cleaning
  • Patio & Concrete Sealing
  • Deck Cleaning and Sealing

Air Duct Cleaning Services 

Air ducts should be cleaned when there is substantial/visible mold growth inside the sheet metal pipes or vents, or on other components of your heating or air conditioning system. After an animal or insect infestation is also a good time to clean out those ducts. If you are noticing excessive amounts of dust, your ducts may be clogged with excessive amounts of dust and debris and/or particles are actually being released into your home from your registers. Give Critter Control of Salt Lake City a call today! 

Attic Cleaning & Restoration

From insulation removal and installation to roof and siding repairs. Our quality repairs keep pests out and preserve the beauty of your home.

Chimney Repairs

Many nuisance animals cause problems to your chimney as well and require professional chimney repair. For all of your attic insulation tips, attic repair, attic restoration, and chimney repair needs, contact Critter Control.

Crawlspace Clean-up

Your problem animal is gone, but what about the droppings they left behind? Is there damage to your pipes or insulation that can lead to odors, water leaks or loss of energy? Call Critter Control of Salt Lake City and we will come help!

Gutter Cleaning/ Leaf Guards

Clogged gutters can cause water damage to your home. Let Critter Control clean your gutters and install Leaf Proof and Leaf Defier gutter guards to protect your home from foundation problems, basement leaks, rotting windows, rotting fascia boards and soffits, mold and mildew, and insect infestations.

Carcass & Dead Animal Removal

Dead animals leave a horrendous smell, and their carcass can lead to health hazards, insect infestations, stains, and lingering odors. After removal, we have special deodorizers, neutralizers, and air purifiers to make that nasty smell go away. 


Animal Droppings/ Feces Removal

Critter Control of Salt Lake City's technicians are prepared to remove your wildlife animal's buildup of droppings and feces. We do NOT recommend you try doing this yourself. Some of these droppings contain spores that are airborne and can accidentally be inhaled during attempted removal. We can help, though. Our technicians are professionals and will clean and remove any left behind mess.

Wildlife feces in the home can cause sickness, odors, and stains. Trust the professionals to get rid of the wildlife droppings in your attic, chimney, or other area of your home.

Wildlife Animal Noises

If you're hearing wildlife animal noises, the chances are high that you have a wildlife control problem. A homeowner will often hear signs of wildlife animals before they see signs. If you hear any noises like chirping, squeaking, scratching or scurrying, call Critter Control of Salt Lake City today!

Our technicians will accurately identify the wildlife animal noises in your Salt Lake City home and locate where it's coming from to begin the removal plan.

Wildlife Odor Removal

Salt Lake City wildlife animals can cause unbearable odors that can be difficult to get rid of. Of course, if an animal has died, it will create an even stronger odor that can linger if not dealt with correctly.

Critter Control's Salt Lake City technicians are trained in wildlife odor removal and they will utilize odor neutralizers and deodorizers.

Bats in Homes

Discovering bats inside your Salt Lake City home can be shocking and stressful for the majority of homeowners. Bats are responsible for things like droppings, odors and stains inside your attic or chimney that can be difficult to remove.

Critter Control offers professional bat control to get rid of bats in Salt Lake City homes. Give us a call today!

Bird Problems & Removal

Call Critter Control for assistance with any bird removal management services! The bird removal services we offer will resolve any issues you're having with starlings, pigeons, swallows and more!

Carcass/Dead Animal Removal

Dead animal removal and dealing with carcasses can be a nasty job. Salt Lake City Critter Control will remove the insect infestation and carcass, as well as any additional odors or stains.

Deodorizers and air purifiers will get rid of the nasty smell and solve your wildlife control problem.

Chimney Repairs

Salt Lake City chimneys are exposed to many extreme elements, so chimney repair services are common. Flashing, bricks, mortar joints and concrete caps are commonly damaged areas of a home. Critter Control is experienced in chimney repair. Call today for an estimate!

Get Rid of Skunks

Removing skunks from your Salt Lake City home is difficult. Skunks are known to nest under decks, under homes and under sheds. They can cause serious issues. If you need assistance with skunks in Salt Lake City, call Critter Control.

Our skunk removal services are humane and expertly proven! Give us a call today.

Get Rid of Squirrels

Getting rid of squirrels in the Salt Lake City area can be a tricky task. Squirrels are persistent animals that will try everything to get back in their nesting area.

It is best to trust the professionals when trying to get rid of squirrels in your home. Call Critter Control today for more information on squirrel removal services.

Mice Control & Removal

Mice control and removal is a service that should only be handled by professionals. Critter Control has experience in mice control that will ensure the problem will get solved correctly. Incorrect mice control problems can cause more problems than good. If you are dealing with mice in your home, give Critter Control of Salt Lake City a call.

Raccoon Trapping

Call Critter Control for professional raccoon trapping in Salt Lake City. We are knowledgeable and trained in safe and effective raccoon trapping.

Raccoons cause severe damages inside of your home. Get them out quickly and effectively!

Raccoons in Attic

Remove raccoons from the attic quickly! Critter Control of Salt Lake City has experience in raccoon trapping and removal. Our technicians will install traps and get rid of the raccoons quickly.

Rats in the Home

Finding rats in the home can create a terrifying feeling that may overwhelm some homeowners. Critter Control of Salt Lake City is there to help get rid of rats in your home and keep them out!

For rat control services and to get help with rats in the home, give the professionals at Critter Control a call.

Wildlife Prevention

Wildlife prevention services are necessary to keep wildlife animals out of your home for good. Critter Control of Salt Lake City will install exclusion materials and implement habitat modifications to help keep wildlife animals out for good.

Wildlife Control

Wildlife control services are necessary in order to keep wildlife animals away from homes and properties. For professional wildlife control services in Salt Lake City, contact Critter Control. Our trained technicians will use species-specific wildlife control methods to help manage your individual problem quickly.

Pest Control

Critter Control is your company for effective pest control services in Salt Lake City. Pest control services are needed for problems involving insects and rodents. Both pests are very difficult to get rid of and require top of the line pest control services.

Insect Pest Control

For insect pest control in Salt Lake City, call Critter Control. We will get rid of your bug problem quickly. Our professionals can get rid of spiders in the home, ants in the home, and bee/wasp problems.

Give us a call to get rid of the bugs in your Salt Lake City home!

Rodent Pest Control

Rodent problems can be very difficult to handle for an untrained homeowner. Critter Control offers rodent pest control in Salt Lake City for homes dealing with rats, mice, and other rodents. Get rid of mice in the home and rats in the attic today! Call the professionals.

Clean Up & Decontamination

Critter Control offers clean up and decontamination for Salt Lake City attics, crawl spaces, and other commonly infested areas of the home. Clean up and decontamination will include feces removal, insulation restoration, and more.