Keep Your Salt Lake City Home Critter-Free

Opossum trapping in cageCritter Control of Salt Lake City may use a variety of wildlife management programs. Each type of these wildlife management techniques is designed to help you combat wildlife issues.

Our service technicians will create a species-specific removal plan to help you remove wildlife animals off of your property. Our policy is to maintain a humane solution for our procedures.

As a full-service company, in addition to removing wildlife from your property, we also provide damage repair services. Our service technicians have a wealth of experience damage restoration. Preventative equipment installation services are recommended by our service technicians to guard against wildlife from returning. Call today 801.997.9965

Our Experts

Our service technicians have extensive experience in wildlife-related problems. Critter Control of Salt Lake City is a trusted team of professionals that is experience in solving even your toughest wildlife issues.

Wildlife Management Solutions

As full-service professionals, Critter Control of Salt Lake City provides a variety of services, including damage repair, wildlife removal, and wildlife prevention services. We will help you gain control of your wildlife issues. If you suspect you may have a wildlife problem in the Salt Lake City area, give us a call at 801.997.9965

*Critter Control of Salt Lake City handles wild animals only. Please call your local shelter if you are experiencing domestic animal issue.