Beavers are the largest rodent in North America. Their front teeth grow continuously, which helps the animal easily gnaw down trees, causing notable damage to yards. If you notice beavers or signs of beaver presence in your Salt Lake City yard, call Critter Control today! You can also leave us more information on your beaver problem here.

Beaver Removal Services

  • Beaver control in Salt Lake CityBeavers are covered in brown fur that varies in color from black and reddish to yellow-tinted.
  • Average beavers measure around 3 feet (1 m) lengthwise and weigh between 20 and 75 pounds (9 and 35 kg).
  • Beavers are vital to the survival and expansion of wetland animals.

Common Beaver Issues

  • Although beavers only affect property near sources of water, the damage caused by beaver dams can affect entire communities.
  • In addition to felled trees and other plant damage, beaver damming can induce flooding and present real problems for area residents.
  • Potential flood threats should be taken care of immediately.

Beaver Removal Services

Trapping is best conducted by the wildlife professionals found at Critter Control. Having dealt with beaver problems in the past, our technicians have know-how and removal tools at their disposal. Professional beaver removal, if done correctly, can prevent future incursions and eliminate the dangers of both personal and animal injury.

We can help you get rid of beaver problems. Call today!
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