What Do Coyote Tracks Look Like?

Coyote tracks are often mistaken for dog paw prints, but there are subtle differences between the two. As an example, coyote tracks have more of an oval shape than the footprints of domestic canines, and their front feet are bigger than their hind feet. Longer than they are wide, coyote tracks typically measure two and a half inches in length and two inches in width. Coyotes leave unique claw marks, since outer toes on both the front and back feet are longer than the inner toes.

Getting Rid of Coyotes

Discovering coyote tracks is a telltale sign that they are nearby. Their presence is concerning because the pests can carry various diseases and parasites harmful to humans and domestic dogs. Coyotes also prey on small pets that are left alone and forage in gardens looking for fruits and vegetables. Homeowners can build fences to help keep coyotes out. Limit their access to food by securing garbage cans with lids and keeping pet food inside. To be sure of the safety of house residents, pets, and property, individuals should contact a trained wildlife professional immediately after finding coyote tracks. Critter Control of Salt Lake City wildlife specialists have the tools and ability to safely and humanely remove coyotes from neighborhoods. Contact Us for expert pest remediation!

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