What Do Deer Tracks Look Like?

Deer tracks are most identifiable in mud and snow, but they can be seen in grass and dirt, as well.

  • Shape: They are composed of two separate hoof prints, which combine to look like an inverted heart.
  • Length: The typical deer print ranges in length from about one to three inches.
  • Male vs female: Though male tracks are generally larger than the footprints of females, telling them apart is usually hard for untrained individuals to make.
  • Fawns: Smaller deer tracks with sharp tips typically belong to fawns.

Getting Rid of Deer

Discovering deer tracks on or near lawns is a good indication that there's a deer population in the area. Individuals who do not heed these warning signs become susceptible to financial loss and disease transference at the hands of these pests, as they are known for causing car accidents and ruining gardens. As a result, property owners who come across deer tracks should contact professional wildlife control as soon as possible. Critter Control of Salt Lake City experts can definitively identify the prints and get rid of deer humanely. Contact Us for expert pest remediation!

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