What Do Ground Squirrel Tracks Look Like?

Because ground squirrels spend most of their time in underground tunnels, the easiest way to identify infestations is by searching for the signs they leave above ground. In addition to the feces they deposit near the entrances of their four-inch-wide burrows, residents can expect to see ground squirrel prints. Similar to tree squirrels, these animals' prints are typically about two centimeters across with five-toed front paws and four-toed hind paws. However, ground squirrel tracks in yards usually show their feet placed side by side, while tree squirrels' front feet typically fall at a diagonal angle.

Getting Rid of Ground Squirrels

Discovering ground squirrel tracks in the yard is a sure sign of a larger issue. While a few paw prints and droppings may not seem like a big deal, it's the damage homeowners can't see that causes problems. Ground squirrels dig extensive tunnels below homes, trees, and gardens. These burrows can destroy plants by killing their roots, as well as by weakening foundations. Noticing ground squirrel tracks also usually indicates multiple animals. The only way to avoid finding ground squirrel droppings in the yard is to prevent the pests from entering.

Ground squirrels are naturally drawn to nut and fruit trees, so avoid these in landscaping plans by making residential spaces less inviting. Gardeners can also install fences that drop at least one foot below the surface of their garden to discourage burrowing, though this method is a cumbersome and costly process. Due to the fact that they den together in groups of a dozen or more, getting rid of one ground squirrel won't eliminate an infestation permanently. Critter Control of Salt Lake City specializes in professional removal of pest animals; Contact Us to schedule an appointment! 

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