Hornets are a species of social wasp found across the United States. Only young queens survive the coldest months by finding safe and warm areas indoors or under tree bark. In the spring, workers are born and they begin to expand the hive. These aggressive stinging fliers can find their way under decks, under porches, and in outdoor sheds. If you see signs of hornet presence on your property, call your local Critter Control office in Salt Lake City today. We can help remove hornets from your property in a safe and effective manner.

Get Rid of Hornets

Hornet problems in Salt Lake CityThe moment you've identified a hornet nest as such, untrained and unprepared homeowners should keep a safe distance and contact a pest control service like Critter Control immediately. It is risky to use chemicals for hornet removal, so individuals should leave the extermination to the hornet control experts. They will remove infestations of any stinging insect, including hornet infestation, and offer tips on keeping future problems at bay.

Common Hornet Issues

Hornets can often make their way into homes and other buildings. These pests often construct their nests in sheds, porches, or hanging from roof eaves. They'll then enter homes through gaps in house siding or open windows/doors. Sometimes, most unfortunately, you will even see hornets in your attic or spot a hornet nest in your wall.

Hornets are very aggressive and are territorial when it comes to defending their nests. As such, their presence on lawns and in parks is dangerous. Stings from these pests normally result in redness, swelling, and pain. However, some individuals may be allergic to hornet venom and have adverse, life-threatening reactions.

Full-Service Hornet Removal Services

In order to make lawns less favorable to hornets, property owners should keep their grass short and trim bushes and trees with regularity. Additionally, inspecting porches and other common nesting areas on occasion helps homeowners catch infestations before they grow too big. If you notice a hornet problem around your home, please call our Salt Lake City office today for help with removing these aggressive stinging insects.

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