Magpies are some of the most intelligent birds in nature, and their adaptable natures lend to their nuisance animal reputation. Magpies are notorious for mimicking a number of different sounds — even human speech. If you are facing magpie issues on your Salt Lake City property, we can help. Call our office today to get rid of your Salt Lake City magpie problem!

Magpie Removal Services

  • Magpie Control in Salt Lake CityLike many birds, magpies do typically get into homes, but they are found in outdoor areas like parks and yards.
  • If their preferred food source is in low supply, magpie flocks will cause significant damage to crops, gardens, and even livestock.
  • Magpie flocks tend to leave behind a large number of droppings, which create unpleasant odors and tarnish the outside of buildings.

Controlling Magpie Populations

  • Various prevention methods can be employed to make surrounding areas less favorable to magpie habitation. You can implement some of these yourself, but for full-service magpie removal, call the professionals!
  • Clear lawns of brush and thin out trees that may serve as potential roosts.
  • Scarecrows, pyrotechnics, and propane exploders can effectively scare the birds off, but these intelligent birds can quickly realize these pose no real danger.

In small numbers, magpies can be beneficial to humans since they eat grasshoppers, flies, beetles, and caterpillars. However, their behavior is hard to predict and they may become a nuisance at any time. If problems with unwanted magpies arise, Salt Lake City residents should contact the wildlife control experts at Critter Control to humanely handle infestations.

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Magpies have lived in close association with humans for centuries. They are found throughout the Northern Hemisphere and are a common bird of tales and superstitions.
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