Salt Lake City home and business owners frequently report raccoon presence on their property. Trash in the yard or thumps coming from the attic are often signs of raccoon presence on properties and in Salt Lake City houses. Regardless of how cute they may appear, raccoons are still wild animals and can be hazardous to your well-being. They are carriers of many dangerous diseases and it's best practice to make sure you are a safe distance away from the creatures. If you suspect you have raccoons on your property, we can help. Call Critter Control of Salt Lake City today for local raccoon trapping in Salt Lake and Davis counties. Feel free to reach us using our contact form, too.

Get Raccoons Out—Professional Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Problems in Salt Lake City Raccoons are most dangerous to the landscape surrounding your home, but they also do damage inside the home whether they are searching for an adequate nesting area or if they have simply gotten into your home by accident. Critter Control of Salt Lake City is prepared to get raccoons out and keep raccoons out by implementing possibly several of the following raccoon control methods:

  • Raccoon live trapping
  • Raccoon prevention
  • Removal of raccoons in the chimney
  • Raccoon damage repair

Common Raccoon Complaints

Some common raccoon control issues reported in the Salt Lake City area include:

  • Dead livestock and poultry, possibly household pets
  • Trash on the ground outside trash bins
  • Soiled insulation from urine and feces 
  • Contaminated food

Full-Service Raccoon Removal

Critter Control of Salt Lake City's raccoon experts are skilled in raccoon removal. With our team using the most advanced tools and technology, we can remove your raccoon and repair your home so there is no trace of the raccoon having ever been there! Just give us a call today and utilize our knowledge on how to take care of your wildlife problem. Our experience allows us to determine the best way to keep raccoons from returning to your property. Residents in Layton, Park City, South Jordan, Salt Lake City, Taylorsville, and West Jordan, call Critter Control of Salt Lake City today or reach us through our contact form

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