Skunks are in the same family as beavers and weasels. Most Salt Lake City residents are aware of skunks' unique method of defense, and most people will not approach skunks for this reason. Your pets, however, will be curious if they see this medium-sized critters in their immediate vicinity. Skunk spray can temporarily blind humans and pets, and skunks can tear up landscapes, so we recommend you don't approach them if you are not well-trained. Call Critter Control of Salt Lake City or contact us through our handy form here.

Keeping Skunks Off Your Property

Skunk removal in Salt Lake City Skunks are often found frequenting properties that have lots of vegetation and bugs. They congregate around decks and patios, as those areas create ideal hiding spots for them. Skunks are not picky eaters, often consuming mice, rats, vegetation, bugs, and even trash (just like raccoons do)! Critter Control of Salt Lake City's professional technicians will remove skunks from your property and implement prevention techniques to keep them from coming back.

  • Installing fences
  • Removing debris and trash from landscapes

Common Skunk Issues

  • Torn up yards
  • Horrid smells
  • Diseases transmitted
  • Trash tossed around

Full-Service Skunk Removal Company

Landowners risk the possibility of being sprayed when they approach skunks! Mishandling these creatures may also lead to bites, which then will require immediate professional medical attention. So, instead of attempting to remove this creature themselves, property owners should call Critter Control to assist with skunk problems. We employ only expert-level pest professionals to ensure jobs are done right and in the safest way possible!

We can help you get rid of skunk problems! Call our Salt Lake office today!

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Animals digging in your yard? Skunk odors? Skunks under your home or porch? These are oftentimes indicators that skunks are living on or near your property. Call your local Critter Control office today for effective skunk removal and exclusion services.
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