Squirrels are a common occurrence on Salt Lake City properties. There are three main types of squirrels in the Salt Lake City area, but the tree squirrel is the most common. Squirrels can be a huge issue for homeowners and business owners, as these fluffy-tailed critters are notorious for teasing pets and causing extensive landscape damage despite their less-than-intimidating size. Some common squirrel problems include scratching inside walls and shuffling in attics. Salt Lake City's Critter Control professional technicians are knowledgeable and we know how a small issue can quickly morph into a large one. Call our office as soon as you suspect a squirrel problem, or leave us more information through our online form.

Keeping Squirrels Out For Good

Salt Lake City squirrel problemsSquirrels are widely regarded as a pest by residents, although in some states they're considered a protected game animal. Critter Control can help you get rid of these annoying creatures and save you the hassle and potential hazard of handling them on your own (which we do not recommend). Some things Critter Control will do to get rid of your squirrel problem include:

  • Safe and humane live traps
  • Installing new clean insulation
  • One-way vents and screens to get, and keep, pest wildlife out of your home

Common Squirrel Issues

  • The most common complaint involving squirrels is damage, both to landscape and structures.
  • They are notorious for ripping up insulation and other soft items like books or newspapers.
  • Squirrels tend to leave a large trail of waste behind them wherever they are, too, posing a threat to human and pet health.

Full-Service Squirrel Removal

Keeping squirrels away your home is a challenging job. Setting up traps and poison is dangerous, and you can easily hurt yourself, your family, and your pets. Why not just call Critter Control of Salt Lake City? We have the answers for you. Call our Salt Lake City office today.

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Squirrels may be fluffy and cute, but not when they're in your house and your attic. These cute monsters will chew up everything. Call Critter Control today for squirrel removal solutions!
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