Have you seen squirrels on your property? Most Salt Lake City residents are familiar with these fluffy-tailed rodents. There are three main types of squirrels in the Salt Lake City area; the fox squirrel is the most common. Squirrels can be a huge issue for homeowners and business owners, as these pests are notorious for teasing pets and causing extensive landscape damage despite their less-than-intimidating size. Call Critter Control of Salt Lake City's office today if you suspect you have a squirrel problem or use our online contact form

Keeping Squirrels Out For Good

Squirrel management services in Salt Lake CitySquirrels are definitely a nuisance for many residents, and believe it or not, in many states they are a protected game animal. Our technicians know how to get rid of the squirrels and to keep them away from your home. With that being said you can save yourself the headache and hassle of trying to remove them on your own (which is not recommended). Some things that Critter Control of Salt Lake City will implement to provide you with exceptional squirrel control include: 

  • Squirrel trapping
  • Getting rid of squirrels in the attic
  • Squirrel extermination
  • Squirrel removal
  • Squirrel damage repair

Most Common Squirrel Issues

  • The most common complaint involving squirrels is damage, both to landscape and structures.
  • They are notorious for ripping up insulation and other soft items like books or newspapers.
  • Squirrels tend to leave a large trail of waste behind them wherever they are, too, posing a threat to human and pet health.

Full-Service Squirrel Removal

Keeping squirrels away from your home is a challenging job. Setting up traps and poison is dangerous, you can easily hurt yourself, your family and your pets. Our service area includes the areas of Layton, Park City, South Jordan, Salt Lake City, Taylorsville, and West Jordan. Our squirrel experts have the answers for you—call our Salt Lake City office today! You can also leave us more information about your squirrel problem on our contact form.

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Squirrels may be fluffy and cute, but not when they're in your house or your attic. These cute critters will chew up everything. Call Critter Control today for squirrel removal solutions!
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