Voles are frequently mistaken for mice due to their resemblance. One way to tell the difference is by their behavior and diet. These small burrowing creatures tend to make their homes underground, so humans don't see them. Voles are known for eating bulbs and root vegetables like carrots and potatoes, which can cause a big problem for farmers. Like most wild animals, voles can be carriers of multiple parasites and diseases like hantavirus and salmonella. In order to avoid contracting these deadly diseases, give us a call to schedule a vole inspection today! Reach our Salt Lake City office today if you think you may have a vole problem. 

Vole Removal Services

First Indications of a Vole Issue

  • Voles are infamous for creating tunnels in yards and gardens. If some of your plants/trees are suddenly dying, chances are you have voles.
  • Some other ways to get rid of voles include traps and repellents, which can be placed in the burrows near exits.
  • If a vole has found its way into your home, it is almost certainly there by accident, since a vole's favored environment is outdoors.

Common Vole Complaints

  • Vole control in Salt Lake City Yard damage 
  • Damage to your garden and your items in the garden 
  • Hard to identify 
  • The root system that has been eaten and is killing your plants 
  • Damage to areas with a thick mulch 

Full-Service Vole Removal

Since voles are mostly considered protected animals, they can only be trapped if they're causing an imminent threat to your property or your health. These little critters can be extremely difficult to locate, let alone trap, if you are not a trained professional, so leave the trapping to us! Critter Control professionals have the experience to successfully get rid of voles on residential and commercial properties. We can help you get rid of vole problems. Call of Salt Lake City office today. 

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Tunnels in the grass? Mouse like rodents in your shrubs and landscaping? Those scurrying little critters may well be voles. Call Critter Control today at 801.997.9965 for effective vole removal and exclusion services.
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