A formidable flying insect, wasps can be either social or solitary. Solitary wasps can be a threat because they may sting or be a nuisance to property owners. They are not typically targeted for pest control because they appear in smaller populations. Examples of social wasps include paper wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. Social wasps gather in populations of thousands and are difficult to control. Populations of stinging insects this large pose a real threat to humans and pets. If there is an alarming number of wasps on your property, give our Salt Lake City office a call.

Wasp Removal Methods

It is dangerous to approach wasps, as they can be aggressive and territorial. Insect control by untrained homeowners is not recommended. For the safest results, call the wasp control experts at Critter Control of Salt Lake City. Our wasp professionals keep residents safe from the dangers of wasp presence.

Wasp Control and Safety

Individuals should avoid wasp nests as prudently as they can to keep themselves safe. Since hives often appear on private properties, it's important to take action at the first sign of infestation.

Additionally, since wasps are attracted to trash, food, and sugary drinks, attaching secured lids onto trash bins and covering containers solidly when picnicking can make a huge difference.

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